And finally (!) realize your business dreams

Even if you don't have enough time or have struggled to make meaningful progress on your digital course, membership site, podcast launch (or other project!) in the past

4-Week Project Jumpstart



There is something that successful business owners have that you don't...


It's not being more disciplined, or motivated, or having a better's much simpler than that. 


It's a project management system.

With the Agile Life system, you will:

Manage projects like a pro

Use the time you have more effectively


Implement an iterative process so perfectionism doesn't get in your way


Enjoy the journey while not missing family activities or feeling stressed out

Finally make the impact you know you can.


"I've invested so much in learning how to do this, but I still have nothing to launch."

"I need to do something bigger, like quit my 9-5 or go on a retreat to find the time to get this done."

"I have great ideas, but every time I plan to work, something gets in the way."

"I have so much to share; I want it to be perfect."

Been there!


Life before Agile Life was like drinking from a firehose...I was working full-time, adjuncting at a local university, and freelancing as both a small business manager for a photographer and the editor for a local magazine. In my “free time,” I worked...Agile Life was the wisdom I didn’t know I needed that spoke straight to my heart. Agile Life clearly laid out a simple concept that I never before understood. Time is limited. Work takes time. Therefore, work is limited. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom for a workaholic like me. I actually learned that I could accomplish more, as long as I utilized proper task management."

-Liz S.

Spots Open!  Enrollment closes Tues. April 14, 9:00 PM ET 

An effective project management system will help you:

Learn skills that can be applied to any project now or in the future

Make meaningful progress; see yourself actually moving towards the goal

Use any tool - even pen and paper

Set realistic deadlines and achieve them

Feel ease, adaptability, flexibility, no stress

Lie down in bed each night knowing you're on track








Taking control of your time depends on knowing how long your most important tasks will take. Accurately estimating the duration of each task will help you block out your schedule and avoid overcommitting your time — no unmet expectations or discouragement at the end of the day!

Tasking and Estimating



Prioritize and Plan

No one can do it all. We have to make choices even when it’s unclear what the right choice is. By intentionally aligning your time and priorities, you can free up your schedule for what matters most.

Define Done and Schedule

It’s easy to fall into the trap of perfectionism, but did you know that 20% of your effort leads to 80% of your results? How often do you spend all day working on your to-do list only to realize that you’ve accomplished little of value? Get your time back by intentionally articulating scope at the beginning of a task and focusing on the most impactful 20%.

Reflect and Iterate

Life is always changing; goals may shift, new ideas become important, and life circumstances evolve. You need a sustainable system that can adapt to you. Use key principles of retrospection to ensure your to-do list doesn’t overshadow your purpose.

How does it work?

Small Group

Weekly Q&A sessions and 1:1 consults ensure progress.  Small groups won't let you get lost in the crowd.


 We won't leave you on your own to muddle through.  Weekly content ensures you can't fall behind.

Action Steps

Digestible, concrete action steps each week make it easy to implement your learning.

Spots Open!  Enrollment closes Tues. April 14, 9:00 PM ET 

Before Agile Life, I thought I wasn't able to get all my work done because I was distracted and chaotic. But the truth is, I just I didn't respect my time and its inherent limits. My Agile Life coach helped me stick to firm time allotments that allowed me to spend my days on high priority, well-paying work and trim the fat on less important, time-consuming tasks.


Suddenly, I had time boundaries.


My tasks went from being drawn out and endlessly tweaked to precise and punctual..for the first time as a professional, I saw that my time is something to guard and protect. My workdays, which had previously been filled with endless small tasks, became united around overarching goals. Each action was connected to a bigger purpose. I still had small tasks, but they fit into bigger deadlines instead of feeling random and distracting.


-Johanna  B.

About Hilary...

Years ago, Agile Life founder, Hilary Ritt, Ph.D., struggled to lead her instructional design and development team through challenges of role clarity, uneven workload, scope creep, and undefined objectives until she observed the engineering team down the hall effortlessly coordinate the team, complete high value work, and celebrate. After working with the engineering team to understand how they did it, Hilary became well-versed in agile methodology, a system of project management used primarily by software development teams.

Hilary adapted agile methodology for use with her team to great success. So, later in life, when she struggled to manage everything - work, life, home, kids - she again turned to agile methodology to make meaningful progress toward her business goals, be present with her family, and reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Having uncovered a "secret sauce" for getting more done while working less, Hilary launched Agile Life to support entrepreneurs, small business owners, and free lancers to take action in their businesses and move from busy to results. 

Spots Open!  Enrollment closes Tues. April 14, 9:00 PM ET 

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