The 6-Step Roadmap to Design Your Time - FREE Video Series

Recently I was working with a mastermind group and a few of the entrepreneurs in this group said, “We know we need to be prioritizing. We know we need to be scheduling our time. But how do you do it? It’s just not that easy."

So, I created a workshop to walk this group through the concrete, actionable steps that I use to design time. After the workshop, I thought, “This would make a great video series...that I could share with everyone.” And the 6-Step Roadmap to Design Your Time video series was born.

Here are the 6 steps in a nutshell, but watch the videos to get the deets!

  1. Jot down everything you could be doing. “Could” is the operative word here...there are so many high value projects that we don’t even put on our to-do list because we can’t imagine making time for them. Like planning social media a month in advance. Or batching blog content. Give this strategic work a chance by getting it on your to-do list.

  2. Highlight the highest value items. Ever heard of the Pareto Principle? Well, I wrote a blog post about it here. We’ll use this process to choose which items on the to-do list bring the highest value (and drop the rest). Productivity isn’t about doing more, it’s about prioritizing the highest value work.

  3. Task and estimate. This is where we break those big projects and initiatives down into actionable tasks and estimate how long each task will take. There are a few rules to follow here (like no task should take longer than four hours - max) that will make this a game changer for your planning.

  4. Organize into sprints. A sprint is just a period of time, usually one or two weeks. In this step, you’ll add each estimated task to a given sprint, or week. This ensures you have exactly the right amount of work planned for each week - no more and no less. So, no more overbooking yourself and then canceling plans with friends or that barre class to get it all done.

  5. Add tasks to your calendar. This has a bit of a pre-step because you’ve got to understand and embrace your work style preferences in order to schedule out your calendar effectively. My productivity personality quiz will get you started. Then, think about how you work best...focused time in the morning? Or meetings all on the same day? It’s up to you! Just block your tasks out on your calendar intentionally so that you optimize your focus.

  6. Reflect and plan. How did things go? What worked and what didn’t? This system is all about continuous improvement so tweak it as needed. Add any new priorities to your sprint plan or move things around if priorities have changed.

Those are the 6 steps and, if you follow them, you’ll experience increased focus, presence, and results. Check out the videos or the how-to guide and give it a try! And email me directly if you have any questions or just want to share a success story. I would love to personally support you!

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