Every Go-Getter Should Know Her Productivity Personality

It’s finally here…

The quiz! Which productivity personality are you?

Are you an On-the-Go Guru? Hustling Hot Shot? Focus Aficionado? Or Consistency Connoisseur?

Not everyone works the same way, which is why one-size-fits-all advice and productivity hacks don’t work.

Agile Life is a system and the first step is to understand and embrace your preferences. We all have strengths and areas for growth. At Agile Life, we choose to identify those strengths and work from that place, rather than trying to adopt a style that doesn’t feel quite right.

So, start with taking the quiz and identifying your productivity personality. People have already said the results are freakishly accurate.

And I’ll be sharing personalized tips on the Agile Life Instagram account all week, so follow us there to start maximizing your productivity today.

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