About Hilary Ritt

How I went from adventure seeker to overwhelmed mom and career woman to helping people just like you accomplish goals as you pursue your passions and live your life.

From a traveling the world to the
chemistry classroom

After waitressing for fancy parties in London (complete with fireworks!), visiting the night market in Hong Kong, and trekking Mayan trails to collect water samples in Mexico (all while pursuing my undergraduate degree), I wondered what the heck to do with a background in chemistry...  


Wanting to pursue my passion for travel AND move out of my parents’ house, I decided to become a teacher with hopes of living abroad and traveling in the summers.  

Knowing very little about the teaching profession, but driven by a desire to help others,

I now consider this the most

fortuitous decision of my life.

What my students taught me

My first lesson as a high school chemistry and environmental science teacher was that


 Not everyone learns the same way I do.   

Realizing that some students don’t love chemistry (shocker!) and that the teaching and learning techniques that worked for me were not helping my students succeed,


I began a quest to understand how people learn.


Inspired by all the ways technology can support learning—from visualizing chemical reactions to simulating experiments—I wanted to dive deeper into the world of technology-enhanced learning and pursued a Ph.D. in Instructional Technology at the University of Virginia.

After graduation, I dove head-first into work. From Orlando, Florida, to Reno, Nevada, I traveled the country as a trainer and coach. I designed curricula on strengths-based coaching and spoke in front of crowds about effective feedback, using data in a strengths-based organization, and agile transformation. I supported state and national clients, such as City of Chicago and American Institutes of Research. And I took courses from IDEO, the Pragmatic Institute, HubSpot, and Seth Godin’s altMBA program so I could lead teams to huge accomplishments, such as launching learning platforms and growing a sales team from the ground up (complete with the change management needed to do this at a non-profit where “sales” is a dirty word.)

I had

BIG dreams

But then I burned out...

I realized that in my desire to get ahead, I had stopped doing the things I loved.

I wanted to spend more time with my kids, ride my bike, and read design magazines. Feeling overwhelmed had become so normal for me that I forgot what calm felt like.

So, I quit my job.

I took a couple of months off.


I knew I wanted to go back to work, but in a different way.

I wanted to combine work and life with ease, lightness, and adaptability. I wanted a sustainable lifestyle with impact and purpose.


I continued to work on a system—one that I had begun while still employed—that I thought would enable me to live the life I wanted. And then I helped others do the same. This was the beginning of Agile Life.

And today...

I am a coach and online learning designer who loves public speaking and writing. I consider one of my greatest skills to be fostering learning environments in which transparency, risk-taking, and continuous improvement are encouraged. I use research-informed training and coaching techniques to influence learners’ habits, skills, and actions. And I foster change and growth.


As a lover of both work and life, when I’m not behind my computer or with a client, you can catch me being active in the outdoors with friends and family. I’m a mama to two boys and a mini-labradoodle, whom I love introducing to cycling, skiing, camping, and many other adventures yet to come.

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