Live the Agile Life

Find balance

Do you yearn to integrate work and life with ease, lightness, and adaptability? An Agile Life is one guided by intention and clear priorities. It’s a willingness to let go of perfection and embrace realistic expectations. It’s a desire to grow and reflect and a comfort with change.


Adopting Agile Life will make you more productive, but it’s about more than that. It’s waking up to your own life by being more engaged with your purpose. It’s taking back control of your time so that you can produce higher quality, more impactful work. And most importantly, it’s about giving more to your loved ones, your colleagues, and yourself.


Agile Life empowers entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers to work efficiently, maximize time, and prioritize purpose.

How does it work?

Embrace your preferences

There’s no one right way to work. Uncover your work style so that you can set yourself (and your team members) up for success

Choose high value tasks

Break down projects into manageable, time-bound tasks so you can optimize collaboration and maximize your time.

Design your time

Having clearly defined your projects and priorities, craft a work plan based on your work style that gets results.

The core elements

Tested, user
friendly tools

The agile methodology originated in the field of software development in 2001 with a simple goal of uncovering better ways to approach development. Evidence demonstrates that using agile methodology with teams across industries increases employee satisfaction, on-time and on-budget projects, and team collaboration.*


The Agile Life system utilizes these tested tools, but adapts them for non-technical use, retaining the powerful foundation and making them easier to apply.

Integrated solution
for work and life

Most of us don’t work in isolation — we collaborate with teams at work and with our partners at home, using different systems to manage our tasks and divide labor wherever we go.

The Agile Life system is a full-circle solution for task management that can be applied at work and at home. It is a process, rather than a specific software, so it can be easily incorporated into current workflows.

Coaching and training built to inspire change

Adult learners are less interested in theory and instead desire goal-oriented, practical applications that can be adopted right away for results.


Packed with action items, questionnaires to help you uncover and articulate your preferences, easy-to-use tools, and discussions of common challenges, the Agile Life system will facilitate change and results from day one.



We live and work by the values we teach

Agile Life is more than tools and routines. Agile is a mindset, marked by trust, transparency, and continuous learning. Many who use the Agile Life system find that through implementing the process, they begin to are able to communicate more directly with others, are willing to take risks and learn from failure, and embrace change.

Download a play-by-play resource guide

to start living the Agile Life today.

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