Time is your biggest barrier.

It doesn't have to be.

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The To-Do List Challenge
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End the Day Knowing You Got the Most Important Work Done
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Divide the Domestic Load and Uncover Quality Time


Take back your time

Have you replaced purpose

with productivity?


Balance is a feeling. It comes from meaningful connection, purpose-driven work, and fulfilling self care. How do you find balance and greater productivity?  Use a tested system.



Move from busy to results

Want to work smarter?



Don't let perfectionism, lack of accountability, or fear get in your way. Learn a three-step method to stop obsessing over the details and maximize productivity.



Get your house in order

Is overwhelmed your new normal?


Frustrated and exhausted with the demands of family and home, you keep trying to do it all, while hanging on by a thread. You need a system to define and divide domestic duties so you can focus on what matters.



Meet The Founder


Hilary Ritt, Ph.D.

Years ago, Agile Life founder, Hilary Ritt, Ph.D., struggled to lead her instructional design and development team through challenges of role clarity, uneven workload, scope creep, and undefined objectives until she observed the engineering team down the hall effortlessly coordinate the team, complete high value work, and celebrate. After working with the engineering team to understand how they did it, Hilary became well-versed in agile methodology, a system of project management used primarily by software development teams. Hilary adapted agile methodology for use with her team to great success. So, later in life, when she struggled to manage everything - work, life, home, kids -

she again turned to agile methodology to make meaningful progress toward her business goals, be present with her family, and reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm.


Having uncovered a "secret sauce" for getting more done while working less, Hilary launched Agile Life to support entrepreneurs, small business owners, and free lancers to take action in their businesses and move from busy to results. 



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